GRAVEN (Matty McKechnie) is an independent folk-rock singer-songwriter from Ottawa, Canada.

GravenAn innovative Ottawa-born folk-rock singer/songwriter with a key focus on cultivating joy and wonder in Canadian geography, Matty (Graven) is a wordsmith of song whose passion is to create a highly accepting and inclusive community of music lovers.

Although exposed to classical music with piano lessons during childhood and playing the alto sax in Grade 9 that didn’t move the needle, hearing his dad spin endless vinyl to the tune of Lionel Richie, Kenny Rogers, Whitney Houston, Neil Diamond and many more solidified his devotion to music. Finally, in his teens, he was enthralled by the rhymes and rhythms of Hip Hop and rap music, with Run DMC and Beastie Boys kicking open a door in his subconscious mind and launching the hood ship “Graven” in his mid-twenties.

With his instrument of choice being the guitar, and having eclectic and broad contemporary Canadian musical influences with more than 16 major releases under his belt, Matty has toured extensively across Canada thrice, with a powerful mission to empower his listeners to embrace their authentic selves without judgment. In September 2021, Matty started a popular podcast entitled Graventown, and he has interviewed many Canadian artists including Juno Award winners Jill Barber, Matt Mays and NY Times acclaimed Anishinaabe writer and journalist Waubgeshig Rice. His previous record Years, released in 2020, was produced by singer/songwriter Jim Bryson, who also produced Kathleen Edward’s award-winning album Total Freedom. But Matty’s 2022 album Simple Complex is still charting across many college radio stations in Canada and the US, with decent AirPlay on CBC, and even scoring a number 3 spot on CKCU FM’s top 50 albums of 2022. Matty is currently preparing to record a new album touring throughout Southern and Eastern Ontario, Southwestern Quebec, the Maritimes, the Golden Horseshoe, and growing his dedicated fanbase, who follow him primarily on Instagram, as well as Facebook and Twitter.


"Graven’s songs have been called ‘thunderous’ and ‘warm’ in the same breath, and his varied musical influences make for a wild set of sonics and open-hearted lyricism that still stay rooted in his honest signature sound."
-Douglas McLean (The Sound Cafe)

"From beginning to end, Simple Complex is full of surprises. It transitions from the fuzz sound of a 1960s guitar to many different sounds throughout the album. With a strong vocal performance and stellar playing, Simple Complex is a brilliant album...McKechnie is an incredible talent, who has just delivered his best album."
-Aaron Badgley (Spill Magazine)

“Always thought my friend (Graven) was talented but he has taken it to another level on his new album. So excited for this record to be in the world.”
– Bob Ham (portland mercury)

 “Matt has made a record that is easy on the ears and has lots of heart.”
– Joel Plaskett (juno/ecma winner)

 “Really original and cool-ass cuts of music. Nostalgic!”
-Michael Rosenbaum (hollywood actor/podcaster/comedian)

 "From the intimate to the anthemic, graven's songs and performances are beautiful, honest, and moving."
-Carlos Gouveia (gouveia music + multimedia)

 "Matty aka graven is a musician with undeniable talent and experience whose music and lyrics are both specific and universal. His approachable stage presence makes his shows all the more enjoyable and genuine in his desire to connect with fans and listeners. His catchy melodies and guitar riffs make for great driving music, especially if on the road to canada. Don't miss the chance to see Graven live or listen to his records!"
-Lauren Marina (singer songwriter)