Join Graventown for only $8.00 per month!

Let's talk artist subscriptions.

In the early days of the pandemic, I spent a lot of time playing music for all of you in my basement. Not only did I play songs, but we interacted, we talked to each other, and we kept each other sane. It was a real community; it was how Graventown was formed.

An artist subscription is like that, but different.  Obviously I love performing live, and I'm never going to stop doing that; but I'd love to have more time to create.  And this is a way for you to connect with me while I'm doing just that.  If you know anything about me, you know that I'm someone that creates a lot of music.  Subscribing to Graventown is a way for you to be an active participant in that process.

By purchasing the Graventwon subscription, you're going to help me get those songs across the finish line.  Brass tacks - it's $8.00 per month.  That's it.  You might have seen other artist subscription pages where there are multiple tiers or levels - not here.  I just wanted to create a community where everyone can feel like they're involved.

What does your Graventown subscription get you?

Fabulous discounts

For being a part of Graventown, right off the top, you get a 20% discount on all my merch and all my music.

Livestreamed practices

You also get to be a part of a live practice that I'm doing every two weeks at a scheduled time. That way you can see what songs I'm working through, what songs I'm liking, which are sticking, and you can comment and be a part of the conversation in and around that practice.

Work-in-progress songs

Finally I'm really excited that I'm releasing a new work-in-progress to you every month.  This is something that you can be involved with from the get-go, and I can get your comments and feedback on that song as it's being created.